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NYC Benefits Platform | Screening API

Screen clients for benefits at scale or create new benefits screening tools. Send household composition data to eligibility rules for 35+ City, State, and Federal programs including SNAP, Cash Assistance, WIC, HEAP, and more.

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  "household": [{
    "cashOnHand": "50000",
    "livingRentalType": "RentControlled",
    "livingRenting": "true",
    "livingOwner": "false",
    "livingStayingWithFriend": "false",
    "livingHotel": "false",
    "livingShelter": "false",
    "livingPreferNotToSay": "false"
  "person": [{
    "age": "35",
    "incomes": [


  "type": "SUCCESS",
  "eligiblePrograms": [
      "code": "S2R007",
      "name": "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program"
      "code": "S2R019",
      "name": "Home Energy Assistance Program"
      "code": "S2R013",
      "name": "Section 8 / Housing Choice Voucher Program"

The Screening API allows you to utilize the rules engine that governs the ACCESS NYC Eligibility Screener. When household data is sent to the Screening API, it will return a response that contains program names and codes. These program codes can be used to cross-reference additional content from the Benefits and Programs Dataset. These are the same tools that ACCESS NYC and Growing Up NYC use to provide content and eligibility information for health and human services.

Read the overview to learn more